Home & Office Tinting

Our range of specialised window tinting films are perfect for either your home or work environment.

Whichever film you choose, they are all designed to keep heat, glare and harmful UV radiation out of your home or office.

By reducing the amount of heat entering your building, you will therefore reduce your cooling costs significantly. This is becoming increasingly more important as the cost of electricity rises.

Our window films mean that everyone can enjoy the comfort and savings of an energy efficient building. All films also come with a lifetime warranty.

Optitune Film -

Our Most Energy Efficient Film Yet – Optitune film has high solar energy rejection properties.Dual-Reflective Nature – With an energy-efficient exterior sheen and a sophisticated interior look,OptiTune combines style and privacy. The dual-reflective properties of OptiTune allow you toexperience a warm neutral view with limited reflectance from inside.Goes Where Other Films Can’t Go – Many window films simply cannot be installed on the expensivehigh-tech windows that are often used today. OptiTune goes on almost every type of window.Due to its low solar energy absorption qualities, energy efficiency becomes a reality in your building.

Optima ULR Window Film -

An Added Sense of Style – With Optima ULR, your windows can now have the expensive look ofimported glass, without the high cost. Optima ULR looks dark from outside, but from inside, you’dhardly know it’s there. Optima ULR cuts the UV and glare in an unobtrusive way.See Into The Night – Optima ULR was designed in Australia for Australian conditions. Now, you canenjoy your view at night unhindered by the annoying interior reflections caused by most window films.Optima ULR has the lowest reflectivity available in a solar control film.Enhanced Privacy – Allow yourself to have a greater sense of personal space with the enhanceddaytime privacy of darker windows. By avoiding a mirrored look, Optima ULR ensures that you won’tbe causing a scene in your neighbourhood.

Optima Film -

Good Looking – Offering a low level of reflectivity alongside good heat rejection, Optima is a great fitfor residential situations. A dark finish provides an excellent level of privacy.Fade protection – Protect the contents of your home from the harmful fading effects of UV radiation.Optima can dramatically increase the lifetime of home furnishings and objects.

Summer Winter Film -

Improve your Energy efficiency – Summer Winter Low Emissivity window film is the most costeffective way to achieve a higher energy rating in a building. Summer Winter film can be easilyinstalled on to existing windows, avoiding the costly replacement with Low E Glass.You can also use this film in new construction to enhance the energy rating at a lower cost.Cooler Summer – Summer Winter film rejects solar heat, glare and UV radiation, making any buildingmore comfortable & energy efficient in the summer months. It also reduces your cooling costs.Keep the Winter Warmth – A special Low Emissivity coating allows Summer Winter window film toreduce the loss of radiant heat via your windows, thus retaining more heat in the colder season.