Car Detailing

Our experienced staff are able to look at your vehicle and offer advice on our various car detailing packages and services we offer.

It’s worth knowing that professionally detailed cars can both sell faster and achieve a higher price than cars than cars that haven’t been detailed. That’s why a number of local dealers use Totally Tinted.

We offer a variety of car detailing packages to suit your requirements and budget. Everything from a wash & vacuum to a complete car detail.


Car Detailing Packages:Car Detailing


Wash & Wax -

This includes a soapy wash with our premium product which also waxes the paintwork. We then chamois dry the vehicle and clean the windows, before dressing the tyres and giving the interior a complementary vacuum.


Total Wash -

The vehicle is given a soapy wash before a special “car bath”. This removes both tar and bugs from the paintwork. We thoroughly wash under the wheel arches, clean the wheels and dress the tyres. Next we give the car a hi-gloss hand-polish for maximum shine.

Inside the vehicle we clean the dash, console & door trims before vacuuming both carpets and seats. The interior is then de-odourised and the windows cleaned.


Super Clean -

The super clean is exactly what the name implies. We give the vehicle a soapy wash, tar & bug removal treatment, wash the wheel arches, clean the wheels & dress the tyres.

The whole vehicle is given a hi-gloss polish by hand. We also under guard spray all under the wheel arches black.

Inside the vehicle we clean the door jams, dash, console & door trims. The dash, console & door trims are then dressed before the seats and the carpets are thoroughly vacuumed. We then de-odourise the interior and clean all windows.


Total Interior -

In this package we concentrate on making the interior of your vehicle look and smell as good as it possibly can be.

Door jams are cleaned, dash, console, door trims and even the door rubbers are both cleaned and dressed. Carpets and seats are given a full shampoo before being vacuumed.

We even spot clean the interior head lining! The interior is de-odourised and the windows cleaned.


Full Car Detail -

This is the ultimate detailing package designed to make the most out of any vehicle.

For the car’s exterior we clean the engine, give the bodywork a soapy wash and a tar and bug removing “car bath”. The bodywork is then treated to a hi-gloss polish by hand.

Next we move onto the wheels and wheel arches. Here we clean under the wheel arches and “under guard” spray paint them black. The wheels are specially cleaned and the tyres dressed.

We are just as thorough inside the car. Door jams are cleaned, as is the dash, console, door trims, door rubbers and head lining. We then treat the dash, console, door trims and rubbers to our special dressing.

The pampering continues with a full shampoo of the seats and carpet, finishing with a thorough  vacuum before the interior is de-odourised and the windows cleaned.

Your vehicle is left looking, feeling and smelling its absolute best!


car wash


Buff & Polish -

Our fantastic buff and polish service includes a soapy wash and a tar & bug removal treatment.

Tyres are dressed and windows cleaned before we give your paintwork all of our care and attention.

All paintwork is given a mechanical buff. This removes any oxidised paint and improves and prepares the paint surface for our hand applied hi-gloss polish.


Engine Clean -

Clean & degreasing of both the engine bay and the whole underbody area!


Paint Rejuvenation -

If the paintwork on your vehicle is starting to show its age, then this paint rejuvination package will bring your old duco back to a new car shine.

Our experienced staff will clean your duco of old polish, bugs and tar. After this a full mechanical buff will remove most scratches and dead or oxidised paint.

Your paintwork is now looking its best possible. We then apply our special paint protection treatment to lock-in that new car look and keep it that way.


Clean Air-Conditioning Service -

Did you know that your air-con evaporator should be cleaned? As air is drawn through the system, road grime, dust and odour particles accumulate on the damp surface of the evaporator. These deposits cause bacteria, mould and fungus to grow. Some of these particles, organisms and odours are then blown into the cabin – where they are inhaled by you and your family.

Our service cleans the air-con evaporator and kill bacteria and fungus. The air you breathe will be fresh, odourless and clean.

When the air-con evaporator is clean, it can also operate at full factory efficiency – just like a new car.