Automotive Tinting


At Totally Tinted we only use the best quality car window tinting films, and our technicians are the best around, so you know the end results will be perfect.

We offer different types of film to suit your exact requirements. All of them will reduce the level of heat and glare inside your vehicle. Your air-con won’t have to work as hard, so not only will you look cool, but you will actually be cool too!

Importantly, our quality tinting will block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays – so they won’t cause damage to your skin, or the vehicle interior.

All films come with a lifetime warranty.

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Carbon Film – 

Stealthy Looks and Construction – Stylish yet unassuming.Carbon’s non-reflective surface gives your car a smart neutral look.Plays well with your other Toys – By not using metal in its construction, Carbon avoids signalinterference with your devices such as GPS, in-glass radio antenna reception and keyless entry.

Black Azz Window Film – 

Forever in Style – Black Azz keeps your car ahead of the game with its sleek and stylish look.Keep Your Cool - Stay relaxed with Black Azz. A metallised layer provides enhanced heat and glarereduction, helping you stay relaxed and in control.
Maintain that Look - Protect your beautiful interior from the effects of fading with 99% UV rejection.It also protects your skin, too.

Eclipse Film -

Film Your Car Deserves - You chose your car for its features and design, so why not do the same foryour window film? Eclipse enhances your vehicle’s colour with a polished reflective look.Superior Protection - Eclipse gives you maximum protection from heat and glare.Goes the Distance – Ensure that your window film remains an all-time classic along with your car.With a fused metal construction, Eclipse maintains an elegant sheen for the ages.

Nano Film – 

Maximum protection, Minimum Tint – Are you looking for the protection that window film provideswithout going dark? Nano shields you from heat and UV without compromising on your look.Engineering with a Clear Goal – State of the art ceramic nano-particles give Nano amazing heat andUV rejection capabilities while only blocking a small amount of visible light.Enjoy a Clear Signal – Because it contains no metal particles, Nano also avoids interfering withwireless signals used by GPS, keyless entry and in-glass antennas.